About the Founder

Michelle McKenzie

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I founded Agazella, a learning academy and consulting company to support entrepreneurs like you. My passion is to help people accelerate their innate potential, which is what attracted me to International Development.

After over a decade working in the International Development sector as a Peace Corps Volunteer (Niger and Mozambique), with the US African Development Foundation, a grant-making organization devoted to grassroots enterprise development in Africa and with USAID, the US government’s flagship global development agency, I decided to enter into entrepreneurship.

I founded Agazella to leverage my development experience into a platform to help business and social entrepreneurs globally, especially those in emerging markets to learn, launch, and scale and contribute to social and enterprise-driven development.

I also host WHERE’S THE FUNDING?!, a podcast that demystifies funding and entrepreneurship. I interview global entrepreneurs who share stories of navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and investors and other funders who demystify funding by sharing what entrepreneurs need to do to become investment-ready.

Guest Appearance: Where’s The Funding – With Michelle McKenzie

In this episode, Michelle talks about funding, grants and podcast.

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