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We've set up a free close-knitted community where NGOs and Business owners are provided with free support to enable them to secure grants, network and acquire skills that will enable them to run a successful venture.

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Why I founded Agazella community

In March 2020 I started WHERE'S THE FUNDING?!, a podcast that demystifies entrepreneurship and the fog around funding. I started the podcast to expand the conversation around limited access to funding faced by black entrepreneurs globally. Over a year later I am at an inflection point where I am considering where next to take this and how to continue building value for the people who listen to the podcast and business and social entrepreneurs who are looking for funding.
I spent 10 yrs at a foundation selecting and awarding grants and over that time I noted some key mistakes that grant applicants make repeatedly. Earlier this year I co-created a grant writing course based on my observations to add value and help business and social entrepreneurs like you learn key grant writing skills to help move you from rejection to acceptance.
However, fundraising and growing a business goes well beyond grants. I created Agazella, my online learning academy to add to the value creation through learning. Please let me know what information, resources, and training you need to help you find funding and learn, launch and scale a successful business.

Michelle McKenzie
Founder Agazella

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When you join the FREE community, you get the following:

Two months FREE access (from the time you sign up) to my Grant Writing course, a $220 value. The course includes 6 individual modules that will walk you through grant writing, grant review and the post-award process.

Unmissable masterclasses where lots of knowledge gems will be dropped.

Notice of grant funding opportunities to apply before deadlines close.

Discount access on new courses when they are launched and the opportunity to beta test courses BEFORE they are launched.

Access to live Q&A with podcast guests; you get to request guests featured on the podcast to have a live session where YOU get to ask them questions and learn directly from their experience.

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