The Blueprint for Launching or Scaling a Beauty Brand Course

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Are you struggling to launch or scale a beauty brand? Get off the struggle bus and purchase the Blueprint for Launching or Scaling a Beauty Brand course (Coming Soon!).

They say the quickest way to learn is to buy wisdom and that there are two ways to get wisdom: from mentors, and mistakes.

We asked beauty entrepreneurs who’ve launched and scaled successful product and service-based brands to create the course they WISHED they had when they started, and they OVER delivered!

We harnessed their mentorship and mistakes to save you TIME, MONEY, and help you avoid the PITFALLS of entrepreneurship.

They created a course that demystifies, educates, and sets you up for success.

They PACKED their experience learned from successes and failures into the course. Don’t waste time figuring it out on your own. They crawled so you can soar.

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Course Series Description

The global beauty and personal care products market size is anticipated to reach USD $716.6 billion by 2025 with a growing preference for natural and organic personal care products using natural ingredients like shea and cocoa butter. However, black-owned skincare brands only account for a fraction of this market. In this course, you will learn how to launch and scale a beauty brand from the Founder of Shea Radiance, Funlayo Alabi, and Francesca Opoku, Founder of Beauty Secrets. Their partnership is a case study for collaborating to scale and win in a competitive beauty industry. Adding to the magic mix is an ex-investment banker and Eye Candy Brow and Lash Bar Founder Freda Isingoma who shares how she scaled her service-based beauty business in South Africa from 1 to 21 brow bar locations in 8 years! This course provides a step-by-step blueprint for how to launch and scale a beauty business and how to use collaboration as a successful scale strategy.

Who Is This Course Series For?

This course series is for beauty entrepreneurs (but with broader applicability) who want to learn from the practical and lived experiences of entrepreneurs who have done it how to launch and scale a beauty business.

How to Navigate this Course Series

Like other Agazella courses, you can buy these course modules together or only buy the modules that fill your learning gap. There are 3 modules in this course series. Each of the course modules is designed to work as an individual course or together as a comprehensive course. We recommend purchasing the entire series to optimize your learning.

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Meet Your Instructors.

They have been there and done it before.

Funlayo Alabi

Hi, my name is Funlayo Alabi.  I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Shea Radiance with my husband Shola. We founded Shea Radiance to solve the problem of dry skin, something we struggled with as a family with 2 boys who suffered from extremely dry and eczema-prone skin. We needed a natural and effective solution, so we started making our own shea butter balms and creams. A personal skincare challenge evolved into the Shea Radiance beauty brand, which amplifies traditional shea butter and the African women at the base of the shea butter supply chain. My entrepreneurship path has been a steep curve etched with pitfalls. In this course, I will teach you what I learned building Shea Radiance including some of my epic failures as well as some of my biggest successes, which include my business partnership and collaboration with Francesca Opoku. We co-created this course with Agazella to help entrepreneurs like you learn, launch, and scale quicker and smarter.

Francesca Brenda Opoku

Hi, my name is Francesca Brenda Opoku.  I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and Founder of Solutions Oasis Ghana Ltd and its two brands Beauty Secrets and Exotic Man. The Beauty Secrets brand grew from my passion for combining ancient African beauty secrets with modern science to create high-quality Ghanaian skincare products with loyal global customers. Launching and scaling a successful beauty brand is hard. My partnership with Shea Radiance CEO Funlayo Alabi enabled us to collaborate and succeed (expand into large  U.S. grocery stores Whole Foods Market and Giant Foods) together.  Funlayo and I co-created this course to give entrepreneurs like you the course we wish we had when we started. We hope it helps you avoid some of the challenges that we encountered so you can learn, launch and scale quicker and smarter.

Freda Isingoma

Hi, my name is Freda Isingoma. I am an ex-investment banker, art fund manager, entrepreneur, and Founder of Eye Candy Brow and Lash Bars. After moving from London to Capetown, I realized that there were no brow bars in South Africa where I could get my brows and lashes done without going to a spa. This challenge led to the creation of Eye Candy Brows and Lashes. In 8 years I launched and scaled Eye Candy from 1 to 21 locations across South Africa with an intentional scale strategy. One of my passions is investing in the development of African entrepreneurs. I am collaborating with Agazella to share my knowledge and experience scaling Eye Candy to help beauty entrepreneurs like you learn, launch, and scale quicker and smarter!


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